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Bridge of Hearts in Artistic Beauty

时间:2018年04月18日 来源:《Art Exchange》 作者:Zhu Hongz Yan Jianhua Cao Yuguang

Bridge of Hearts in Artistic Beauty

—“Youth·China” Dance Gala in Washinton

Scene of the Performance

Group Photo of Distinguished Guests and Artists after the Performance

Scene of the Performance

  This September, in a golden autumn and on the eve of?China's national holiday, an Oriental cultural fashion came to Washington, capital of the United States of America. On September 16, a dance gala titled "Youth?China",? jointly sponsored by CFLAC and American Chinese Economic & Cultural Exchange Association (ACECEA), was staged on a two consecutive occasions at Shakespeare Theatre in Washington. Performers and artists from Golden Universe Dance Studio (GUDS) in USA as well as Beijing Dance Academy(BDA) presented their Chinese national and folk dance programs of exquisite choreography. Every dance in narration of youth and China brought the local audiences to appreciate the artistic appeal of Chinese dance and blooming vitality of the youth.

  GUO Yunde, vice president of CFLAC, attended the gala and delivered a speech. As he mentioned, art is a bridge between hearts while dance, symbolized with the body language of strength and beauty, is always one of the most charming artistic expressions among all the human art treasures for thousands of years. People of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds may unanimously tell their history, sing an ode to their heroes, praise the romantic love and feel about life through dance. With abundant contrast between individuality and common features or classics and modernity, dance reflects colorful presentations of human civilizations. Reputed as a "melting pot", USA has people of varied colors, nationalities and religions living together in common prosperity, which demands mutual recognition, understanding and tolerance. As a common artistic form of humankind without linguistic limitation, dance has its unique advantage in promoting recognition and communications among people in the multi-element cultural background. As a beneficial attempt in trial, "Youth?China" is expected to set up a bridge between hearts while presenting artistic beauty, and it is our common mission of efforts to build up a harmonious world together.

  The first half of the gala consisted of a series of Chinese national dance programs arranged in a perfect order. The Tibetan solo dance Daughter of the Holy Lakes?depicted graceful gestures of Tibetan girls by the crystal glittering Holy Lake while Chinese Opera dance Floating Clouds and Flowing Waves?showed a fine scene where a group of maids who floated through clouds and over waves in long sleeves and white skirts.?

  Dai Group Dance A Boat Song?and Mongolian group dance Swans?were teaching result of GUDS headed by Madame JIN Yu, who now lives in Washington at the age of 70. Similarly, Jin’s Dance Studio from California that was devoted to spreading Chinese national dance in USA brought Xinjiang folk dance As Beautiful?as Moonlight and the dance?Our Home & Our Dream, that won?the Silver Award in the 2014 World Overseas Chinese Dance Competition.

  The focus of this dance gala came as Tibetan dance drama Lotus?Flowers by Youth Dance Company of BDA, which won the Silver Award of the 9th "Lotus" Chinese National Dance Competition held by China Dancers Association (CDA). By telling the hero's difficult pursuit of lotus and highlighting the purity in spirits and faith which were key features of lotus, this dance drama revealed the true value and definition of human life.

  The visiting dance company was headed by Mr XIA Xiaohu, deputy secretary general of CDA, and Professor GAO Du, 1st?Expert of National Dance Cultural Research Base at BDA, acted as art supervisor. Other members are winners of "Lotus Award", Golden, Silver and Bronze Awards in "Taoli Cup" and other international dance competitions. This dance company also dedicated Chinese traditional classical solo dance A Free-Spirited?Dancer, the Golden Award winner of the 10th "Taoli Cup" and Pas?de Deux Lovers' Umbrella, part of classical dance drama Brush ??Ink . With advanced professional standard and superb skills?in dance, they provided a body dialogue between tradition and modernity, and their artistic realm in pure integration of poetry and dance won passionate applauses and high appreciation among local audiences.?

  In a joyous atmosphere, the Shakespeare Theatre was filled to its capacity. Distinguished guests such as LI Hong, minister counselor of Chinese Embassy in USA, ZHANG Xihai, deputy director general of International Liaison Department of CFLAC, and ZHU Hongzi, deputy head of China Art News, overseas Chinese compatriots representatives OU Shiju and CHENG Yunkai, CEO and chair of ACECEA, as well as mayors of Riverdale and Greenbelt enjoyed this cultural feast from China with local audiences from all walks of life.